To print your own design, please fill in the form below.

What do we need? 

♦ A link to the 3D model. This could be a link to, or a wetransfer if you have designed something yourself. (Because of file size limitations we request that you supply a link to the files)

♦ Create a project name for your design

♦ Choose a material type. Your object/design will be printed in this material. PLA is most commonly used and suited for indoor use. This material is less suited for outdoors because its biodegradable.

♦ Finally you have to input a message which contains for example, how many pieces you would like to have, the print quality (high, medium, low), and the size of the object (This is because the object can be scaled to a bigger/smaller size)

Importan: The maximum size that we can print at this time is: 21cm width, 23cm length, 21cm height.


- Quality: This gives the amount of detail in your printed object (layer height). More detail means longer printing time.
- Size: Some models are to big to be printed, these should be scaled to be able to print them. The size also affects the print time, the bigger the object the longer it takes to be printed.

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