The left collumn describes the information we need to make an accurate quotation.

 Design help 

♦ Giving us exact measurements is important. Modifying a 3D printed object after it has been printed is very difficult.

♦ It would help if you could give a small discription of what the object is going to be used for, this will give us an idea about the limitations and will give a better design result.

♦ To give a more accurate quotation, a sketch with the measurements (exact) would be very nice to have. This will prevent confusion and mistakes.

♦ To see some examples of 3D printed objects, please have a look at the Gallery. This contains examples with some explanations.

♦ When you fillout the form, please mention the following: Number of printed objects (copies), color, material, quality (detail level)

Important: De maximum size that we can print at this time is: 21cm width, 23cm length, 21cm height.


-  Color: At this moment we have the following colors available: 
PLA -> White/Black/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Pink/Purple/Glow in the dark Blue/Orange/Green/Red
PETG -> Transparant: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White
Colors for PLA can also be requested, PETG is limited to a few colors.

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